Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jesse by Diego Candia

Once again, Diego comes through with another awesome pic. I'm doing the coloring now, since Jim got me a Bamboo tablet for Christmas. So the sketch is by Diego, the colors are by me with help from Diego, and the graphic is by me.

Jim took one look at this pic and said "Looks like Eric." Eric is a guy who used to hang out with us in the bad old Metal days of the eighties. He was so damn good looking it was fun to watch people watch him when we were all out somewhere.

Anyways, I love the expression on Jesse's face here. I imagine he wore the exact same expression on his face when he uttered the line quoted here. It's amazing to me how well Diego manages to capture these characters. Seriously, guy, mind blown. Thank you so much.


Evelyn said...

Whhhhhoahh...! O.o Jesse's lookin' good in all his glory! xD Love it!


Ellie said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!