Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chapter 11 Entries!

FRIDAY AM UPDATE: I would really rather not put a post up here just now because it would sort of bury the contest entries. Since I just put them up I would rather not do that. I may post this week's post early next week to make up for it not going up on Friday. Sorry about that. Jim talked me into doing it that way, so blame him.

First of all, to everyone who entered, thank you! I had more fun reading these entries than should be legal. I hope the rest of you enjoy these awesome stories, and please vote on your favorite. You can only vote once, so read them over and give it some thought. The poll is up there in the upper right corner.

Thanks for writing, thanks for voting, and thanks everyone for reading! Have fun!

Crook by Jenna Reid

Luis' Plot by Ellie

In The Bag by Martin Ross

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