Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lynch by Diego Candia

Here is a great picture of Erastus Lynch, the Old Man his own scary self. Diego did all the art on the character, I did the graphic. I love the expression on his face and the intimidating posture. No wonder all the station hands (and Deputy Shannon) are all afraid of him.

Heck, I'm afraid of him.

I hate to have to do this, but I'm going to have to hold the next chapter for possibly up to two weeks. My family and I all had the flu, and it's put a real dent in my production rate over here. I'm behind in some of the things I have to do for other people.  Not only that, but I'm trying to finish up a couple other projects (some of which are for Five Dollar Mail)  and get ready to take my kid on a trip.

I may not have internet connection next week, so you may hear from me if I can get on. If not, I'll be back the following week.But rest assured, I have some things I think you might enjoy in the works, so watch this space.

As always, thanks for reading and commenting! You all make it worth it to me to keep doing this!



Anonymous said...

Your right, Uncle Ras is scary looking.

~sigh~ two weeks without a new chapter?1?! ~Sigh~ ok if you must. Just take care.

Hazel West said...

Writing is a curse sometimes when you are too busy, isn't it? But It's definitely worth it the rest of the time :) Love the picture! He really is scary!

Evelyn said...

Heh, 'love it. xD Looks like my dad. :3 Or at least, my dad on homecoming night.

Chris Sartor said...

Guess ill be waitin in line to be second.

Regina said...

Chris, I stared at the comment (which I was viewing on my phone), wondering what you meant, and then I realized what post you'd commented on.

Then I burst out laughing so loud I got stared at.

If you wait till you're about seventh, you might have a chance while he's reloading. ;-)