Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Folks, I Gotta Take A Break This Week

I'm sorry. I'm just not ready with anything right now. Next week for sure.

I had been staying up till after three am every night trying to finish the re-write of Book Two, and pretty much doing that full time till it was done. The last night I worked on it, I worked twelve hours straight and got blisters on my mouse hand. Got it done by the deadline, though.

I just needed this week to recover mentally. I suppose I could have finished up a chapter by tonight, but I'll be really honest here: I needed a week where I could just sort of screw off for a bit. I mean, I finished getting Book One out and then immediately dove into Book Two. My brain hurts.

I really hate skipping a week but I hate the idea of burning out even more. So...yeah. What you're seeing in the writer equivalent of calling out of work sick when what's really going on is you're hung over.

But, the good news is that Book Two is well under way, and Book Three is plotted out with some fun stuff I think you all will enjoy. Also, planning on a new run of artwork.

So, fear not, we will be back again next week. Enjoy your weekend!


Katrie said...

Chapters are great!


Author's health is BETTER!!! ;)

Seriously, take the break, you need it. :)

I on the other hand am up waaaay too early to go to my motorcycle class. ::grumbles at 6am wake-up calls to get to class over 1/2 hr away::

Regina said...

Thanks, Katrie! The break really helped. Plotting out book three now. Feel kind of refreshed about all of it.

Also, I think it's cool you're taking a motorcycle class!

Katrie said...

Class was fun, and a VERY easy way to get my motorcycle endorsement without having to take the state test for it. :) Glad to have that on my license now!! I love my bike! (even if it is a tad loud!!)