Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Howdy, all. I really kind of thought I'd have a post for you this week. I wrote one, but last night, looking it over, it's not something I can post. It's flat and awful, and I guess it's simply a product of having a hard time focusing these past two weeks, and the added pressure of the holiday wasn't much help.

So instead of giving you something I apparently just half-assed phoned in, I'd really rather fix it.

However, all is not lost, as I have this lovely picture of Fiona in her awesomely poofy green dress by the talented Laura Hollingsworth of The Silver Eye. I just can't get enough of Laura's work. She really does a great job of capturing the Green River gang, doesn't she?

Anyways, for the record, I read The Silver Eye up to its current point and I really dug it. My daughter's reading it right now. If you haven't had a look, you should definitely give it a go. Fun characters, engaging ensemble cast, and, of course, great artwork!

Hope you all had a nice holiday. Hopefully we'll be back on schedule next week. Take care!


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