Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So, yeah. The pacing of this thing.

Here is the problem: some people read this thing all at once. They sit down, and rip through it all at once. And some people read it weekly, in thousand word (more or less) bites.

It seems like the time from the start of the story has been forever, but really, it hasn't. Only a couple weeks have passed, really. Granted, they are busy weeks, but there you go.

So I am constantly torn between feeling like time is passing too quickly to feeling like it is dragging.

Not a problem you have with a normal, printed type book. Nor something I foresaw when I started this thing.

Anyways, I would love some of you to chime in with your thoughts on this since you are the ones reading it. Stories, after all, are as much about how they are interpreted as how they are told.

In other news, the Zuda thing. Kaput. No Five Dollar Mail comic, at least at this time. Evidently, DC Comics pulled the rug out from under the thing, leaving some of the creative teams involved high and dry. I am frankly sick and horribly disappointed about this development. However, as sick as I am over it, I can't even begin to imagine how bad the creative teams that have actual submissions in the works over there feel. To have all that work and money invested in a project and then have it all evaporate like smoke...well...it must really, really suck.

The good news is that it looks like we will be doing an illustrated stand alone short story about a particular coach run involving Saint and Wash, so I will keep you posted on that. The story is the same one we were going to use for the Zuda competition, and is written by myself and guest poster Evelyn. It will be illustrated by the wonderful Diego.

And, on a completely different and off topic note, for those of you who will be at a certain very large campground in western Pennsylvania later this summer, I will be there for War Week and if you find yourself there too, I would love to meet you.



Copperhawk said...


I understand how you feel about the pacing. It's got to be tough, balancing a desire to tell the story with everything else that happens in life. That said, I wouldn't worry about it too much. This is just one of those things readers of webcomics learn to deal with. Of course we'd all love long updates every day, but we understand it's not possible. All we can ask is a regular update schedule, which you are delivering. In any case, it's not so much different from any other serialized form of storytelling, whether print comics or television shows or books. It's no use whining that there's only one new ep of Doctor Who per week - these things take time! Long story short, I think you're doing a great job, don't sweat it!

Chockeela said...

Considering how many stories and plots you have bunched into one big adventure it's not surprising that it takes a long time to tell. In the story there is so much going on that I don't see a problem with the pace of it. It's an enjoyable read, so take your time!

Unknown said...

I have to agree with Copperhawk and Chockeela. I have been reading this story for a while and I look forward to finding an update every week. I understand the pacing and flow of writing. It has been a very eventful story line that has only covered a short chronological time span but as a reader we realize that days have passed not weeks. You are doing a great job and I'm enjoying every page of it. I'm sorry to hear the comic project was squashed. Maybe we can get you some more fan art to help ease the pain :-)

'gina said...

Thanks, ya'll. I feel better about it now. Last week I was on a worry binge about it.

I dunno, I get like that sometimes.

But I do appreciate the kind words and encouragement.

And Kelley, warn me if fan art is headed my way, I just might wet myself from excitement. No lie, I live for stuff like that, and yes, you are right...it would DEFINATELY cheer me up!