Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Luis by Diego Candia

Trying to catch up a bit on the artwork, I feel like I'm way far behind on it. So, for Thanksgiving, here is a great picture of Luis Santana, who would have the distinction of being the most infuriating guy on the crew if it weren't for Saint.

Diego did a great job on him, as always. I love the smokes rolled up in his sleeve. Thanks again, Diego!

I'm going to go ahead and put this up tonight, as I'm probably not going to have internet connection for a couple days and this is at least ready to go now. Just in case I don't get back online for the rest of the week. Which may happen.

Anyways, however you spend it, have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!


Hazel West said...

Happy Thanksgiving! :):)

'gina said...

You, too, Hazel!

Kaci said...

These are GREAT - Is ther anyone else who would like to see a different Bender????

Anonymous said...

If he were a few years younger I would expect to see a sling shot hanging out of his back pocket.

& yes I would like to see a different bender.

Evelyn said...

Goodness, let alone when he was younger, why wouldn't he have a slingshot now? :D

Happy Thanksgiving! ^w^

Kaci said...

re: Bender - How about hugh Jackman as Drover in he movie Australia? I this that is what Bender looks like.

'gina said...

Oh, I'm sure Luis has a slingshot. And a pea shooter. He's sorry water pistols aren't invented yet, but he's happy regular pistols are and he has one of those, too. And knives...don't forget those.

And he's very proficient with spitwads. I'm just saying.

Okay, you guys. Bender. Kaci, I know you've been kvetching for months you want a different Bender. My sister wants a different Bender. Kliklikitty wants a different Bender. Various other people want a different Bender.

I'm gonna have you all cast Bender for me and then have Diego take another crack at him. Watch this space. ;-)

(Ironically, me and the husband were discussing this last night and he said, "How about Hugh Jackman?" Then I came here and saw Kaci's post. :-DDDD )

Hazel West said...

I actually think the pic Diego did of Bender was really good. That's how I pictured him :-)

Evelyn said...

Liezl's picture makes me almost (almost) want Bender for Lily. :) I can see Hugh Jackman in that. :D He'd be great, if that's what you're going for.