Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wash by Diego Candia

Here is a fun picture of our favorite stagecoach gunner, George Washington Monahan. As always, Diego has done an amazing job of capturing the personality of the character. He has done the color as well.

The graphic is by me. I lucked out on the background map.

I like how jovial he looks, particularly since he's holding a shotgun like he means business. But then, I guess he might as well smile, he's a crack shot and holding a shotgun.

Thanks again for an awesome job, Diego!


Hazel West said...

I love Wash! And the nonchalant pose is very Irish. They always manage a smile at their most dangerous.

Evelyn said...

Oh, lookit him bein' all dashing 'n manly. :3 How come Wash doesn't get the ladies swooning right and left for him?

'gina said...

Ha! How do you know he doesn't?

Boyish curls, blue jean eyes, adorable accent...geeze, I think even I have a little crush on him. ;-)

Frantic Freddie said...

Lemme get my gun geek on here ;)
The only lever action shotgun produced was the Winchester Model 1887 (designed in 1885 by John Moses Browning,the greatest gun designer ever).Stagecoach gunners used short double-barreled 12 ga's,light,easy to handle & 18 pellets of 00 was always sure to make an impression.Billy the Kid used Deputy Olinger's own double barrel to kill him in Lincoln.