Monday, June 6, 2011

Plug For My Favorite Soapmaker

 I don't normally plug products on here, but in this particular case, I thought it was relevant to the subject matter here. So here it is. A rare product plug from Yours Truly. makes amazing soaps and perfumes and whatnot. I discovered through their blog they had once made a scent a that was no longer available called "Quick Or Dead?"

Well, I had to try me some of that for the obvious reasons. So I expressed interest in wanting to get some.

I have no clue if my begging had anything to do with the return of the scent...probably not...but in any case, it's BACK! I just ordered some soap. If I like it, I'll order more. And since I have only found a single scent from this company (and I think I've managed to work my way through most of them) I didn't like, I suspect I'll like it A LOT.

They make another scent I always say is what Saint smells like. Well, Saint...and now my husband. Read the description of will give you a chuckle. And it really does smell like that, too.

This stuff is all bold and unexpected and incredibly evocative. The effect of scents on the memory and mood is very powerful. Sometimes things you don't normally find in perfume are the most evocative of all.

Check it out!


Unknown said...

Sounds on earth did you find these people?

'gina said...

Well, interestingly, I'm a huge Lush fan. I discovered Lush while I was in Las Vegas and discovered a lot of other people love them, too. So we're all on this message board I hang out on, and a bunch of us ladies started dishing about how awesome Lush is, and someone came out with "you ought to try out Villianess." and she described it and I checked out the link and went :-OOO.

I'm REALLY into evocative, unusual scents and very motivated by scents in general. I ordered a box of samples and I was hooked.

I was suffering a mild case of perioral dermatitis (not from the Lush or the Villianess, just from all the the crap commercial products have in them. I wasn't even using Lush or Villianess stuff on my face, so I stress that it wasn't that.) and suddenly had a need to eliminate harsh chemicals from my hygiene regimen.

Villianess' Ennui soap and the Ennui Whipped! evidently has nothing in it that is contributing to the dermatitis. So that's all I use regularly on my face. So now I really AM hooked.

The girl who originally recommended Villianess on the message board discovered it when she met a guy that eventually became her boyfriend. He was wearing Antihero and she couldn't resist him. :-DDDD

There you go. More than you care to know, I am sure!

Anonymous said...

I like Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap.

'gina said...

I have not met a Dr. Bronner's soap I didn't like. The peppermint and the eucalyptus is especially awesome in the summer, because it is so refreshing.