Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Want to See the Cover Art Y'all Helped Shape?

This will be the cover artwork of the book once we're done laying it out (which we're already underway with). The plan is to include the story (san bugs...and there are many), the artwork, an entirely new run of art I am saving as an exclusive by Melissa from Three of Swords, and a stand alone Saint and Wash story, complete with new illustrations by Diego.

I think you'll like it.

Once again, Diego is a total genius. As you can see. He really go far beyond expectations on this one. I mean, I have come to expect excellence from him, but I am always thrilled and blown away every time he does a new piece for me anyways.  I just love it. Thanks again, Diego!

I really like what  he did with Bender. I hope you all do, too. The suggestions everyone gave were great and very helpful, and I very much appreciate all the feedback you all came up with. I hope this reflects what you all are seeing. Because that is what I desperately crave to know, and I never really, truly will because I'm not you.

Writing isn't really complete until someone comes along and reads it. The reader's imagination is what gives the story it's breath of life. It's like making a kite...it's just sticks and paper until a wind comes along and picks it up and turns it into a living, flying thing.

Thank you for giving my story a place to fly.  



Erin Winslow aka Itsbugart said...

Diego did a great job of capturing everyone's personalities!!! (jep, I'm *finally* up to the most recent chapter in my reading).

Anonymous said...

holyyyyy shit! *whistles*

I'm a regular reader, never commented before, but that's AMAZING.


Falberry said...

Well, damn! :D It looks amazing! Love it!

Ellie said...

OMG!!!!!!! DAMN!!!! Words don't even begin to tell how impressed I am! LOL!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

YUMMY!!! Hoo-Wee that is some picture. Plumb took my breath away as my eyes first laid sight on it. When I took me a second and deeper look, I couldn't help being eye popping amazed. Every one of them are so true to the life and looks I was imagining for em. & I gotta say, if that ain't the perfect image of Bender, then there never will be such a thing.

It does my mind a good thing to look on at this bit of fancy artwork. I am mighty obliged to you for a sharing it with us.

'gina said...

Thanks! I'm so glad you all like it! I really wanted everyone to like it as much as I do. :-)))

And I am really happy with how Bender finished up, too.

Thanks again for all the awesome feedback!

Katrie said...

So, tis been about a year since you posted this (and a very happy BDay to me when you did), however, curiosity is gonna get the best of this Kat... any idea when you might be putting at least some of this into print? Or are you waiting till the story is all done with? (or waiting for a good story-arc finishing beforehand). At least this curious mind is wondering! ^_^ Keep up the fantastic work!! I love stopping by every week to get my dose!

'gina said...

Well, happy birthday, Katrie! :-))And glad you're enjoying the story!

Yes, we're planning on releasing this for Kindle and also in a print form for those who want one. I am currently in the process of re-writing and editing the thing for that.

When I started out, I hadn't really written it with the idea of creating a traditional "book" so the format and pacing is a little difficult to work with. So what we ultimately decided was to break it in half and make two books. This will actually keep the cost down, making it cheaper to buy and to produce. When this story arc ends, I will have enough material for two books, so I really need to order another cover from Diego (it's in the works and I would have done it this week, if not for Stuff Happening this week.) The books will have never before artwork from none other than Melissa Zayas from Three of Swords (It's gorgeous...it's all I can do to stop myself from just showing it around to you all). They MAY have extra chapters...I don't know yet, it will depend ultimately on our page count and costs.

I would very much like to wrap up the thing with a third book to bring it to a nice, neat trilogy. There are storylines that need to be wrapped up that that would accomplish.

So yes, we're working our way towards all that, and I will certainly keep everyone posted of the progress both here and on the Facebook pages! Watch this space!

Thanks for reading and commenting!