Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nothing new today, just thought I'd post this pic of Jesse

I'm tidying up some stuff on here and doing some other things and figured I may has well post that colorized pic of Jesse while I was at it.

I'm trying to figure out why and how this new Facebook format thing is better than the old one. It kind of sucks. But evidently I don't have much choice here if I want a Facebook presence.

Did I mention Facebook sucks?

Maybe I just didn't get enought sleep last night/enough coffee/all of the above.

I have another piece of fan art on the way that was sent as what is my most favorite Christmas present, but I have to scan it and set it up. So watch this space.


R. Yarl said...

If'n this don't look like somebody needs their ass whupped, I don't know what does.

Itsbugart said...

1. Yes, FB does indeed suck donkey balls!!!
2. GREAT pic of Jesse!!!!!! Especially the mischievous gleam in the eyes. . .

Regina said...

I know! So frustrating! Really, what I had before was better. :-(

Thanks! Liezle drew that eons ago. I don't know why I forgot I played around with a little color on it. But it was a nice surprise when I re-discovered it.

I like it for the same reason. Very cute expression on his face!

Jesse said...

Yeah, FB ain't the only thing suckin' donkey balls.

Aint that right, Yarl?