Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Slight Change In Posting Schedule

Howdy, all. Just a heads up to let you know that for the time being, I'll be updating on Fridays instead of Thursdays. (It's kind of ironic and funny to me that the Thursday Post used to be the Thursday Night Just Around Midnight Post for the sole reason of me wanting it up bright and early Friday morning. It slowly morphed into the Random Hour On Thursday Post that you are familiar with now. )

However, my schedule for the week has changed, putting me at music practice and/or playing in a pub on Tuesdays instead of Fridays. Tuesday was my day to have the first draft of the week's post at least thrown together so it could be worked on until Thursday. Because I'm tied up working on other things on Mondays as well, that is going to push my schedule forward one day so I am now going to aim at posting on Friday. Which I guess is okay, seeing as how that was my original plan anyways.

Ask Wash will remain on his current schedule of a Monday post. 

See you on Friday!


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