Tuesday, February 26, 2013

You Guys Want A Little Teaser Today?

Here's a little mind-blowing awesomeness from artist Angela Taratuta. The best part? This is part of a larger work. 

It's part of the cover for Book 2. 

I just can't stand it I love it so much.


Katrie said...

::eyes pop:: is... that... Jesse?!

I wanna see more!!! :D

Hadn't gotten around to commenting on the last entry, but very excited to hear about books *soon*!! I've been putting off re-reading everything till I have hard-copies... speaking of, are you doing a kickstarter or anything to help with those? I wanna know if I should put aside a bit of my tax return if so! ;) I might be buying an extra copy or two for friends as well that I'm sure would love the story as well!!

Bugger... and I was *trying* to keep calm, and not get antsy, and wait patiently, but now I don't wanna!! lol ^_^

Regina said...

His own adorable self, yep. She's done a cover for book two that has Jesse, Wash, Tommy, Rosie, and Luis on it. It's gorgeous. I could not be happier.

I don't know if I really need to do Kickstarted at this point, really. The big expenses are already paid. We've been doing this in drips and drabs, so it's not like an undoable chunk of change it going out of our pockets all at once.

I might ramp up the artwork thing later on down the road, so maybe in the future, but at this point in the game, I don't think we need to go that route.

But anyways, we like this so much that Jim (who is managing this project for me) has pretty much talked me into having Angela re do the cover for the first book. Yes, I know Diego did a cover already, and it's actually designed and ready to go and I'm totally happy with it. I'm not entirely convinced it needs to be redone. However, Jim feels very strongly that he'd like the cover art to be done by the same artist on each book, and Angela agreed to do the job, so at this time, she's working on a second book cover for book one.

I have to admit, I'm very much interested in seeing what she does with Storm and Saint. (in fact, that's how Jim sold me the idea."Listen, can you imagine what Storm would look like painted by her? You think THAT wouldn't look amazing?"

So, hopefully the wait won't be too much longer. Hang tight! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh My God!!!
I've been a long time reader but I've never posted a comment, but today's post of the Jesse picture has made me break my silence. I'm a long time Jesse fan and he is exactly how I pictured him! Gorgeous with a capital G!

- Jesse's Girl

Katrie said...

You know, you might want to think of a Kickstarter anyways... I would love to see maybe a couple prints of the final (and first by Diego!) covers as bonus items! It would also allow for the extra money for book three whenever it gets done as well. :) Or bookmarks of all the characters... Mmmmmmmm... bookmarks.... lol

I just think it would be cool to have a way to help a bit--and maybe help pay for that book signing tour if you still wanted to do that. Doable and having a little extra to do things the way you *really* want to are different, and I think the kickstarter program is a really cool new program that allows for that in all sorts of ways. (even though I don't know the details like if *all* the money goes to the person who has started the kickstarter or not)

Again, just my 2 cents, but I figured I'd explain my thought process! :)

Regina said...

Jesse's Girl: First off, I love the fact that you're calling yourself "Jesse's Girl." :-D Second, thanks for the comment and for loving our Farm Boy!

Katrie: Yeah, you know, that's an excellent point, actually. I did think about making the original painting available to people. After all, it's too awesome a painting to not not use for something. (This is tough for me because I REALLY LOVE THE THING.)

I like your bookmark idea, too. Hm....

Jim knows how Kickstarter works. We might need to have a conversation about this. Particularly if I do decide it's worthwhile to do a book signing. Because if I bother with that, it's not going to be your garden variety booksigning.

Thanks for the thoughts, you have some good ideas here. :-)

Amy Simeister said...

Wow Awesome artwork.

Regina said...

Yeah, Angela's an amazing artist, isn't she? I could not be happier with her work. Glad you like it!