Sunday, March 10, 2013

In Case You Didn't Find Wash Nearly Charming Enough

Here's another glimpse of the cover of Book Two, by the wonderful Angela Taratuta. Wash is indeed glaring at someone. Bet you'll never guess who.

Those little light freckles and ginger whiskers kind of make my heart flutter a bit. I do like me some whiskers on a man.


Katrie said...

::sighs happily and wishes for the rest::

Looking good, Wash!!!

::waits (im)patiently for the whole picture:: :D

Wash said...

Thanks, lass. I think Miss Taratuta's made me look passing handsome, so she did. Gina's parsing them out bit by bit, I think. She says she'll show you the finished cover when she's ready with it.


Amy Simeister said...

Wash you are more than passing handsome. Your are Right out Handsome and don't you dare think otherwise. Or this redhead women will give you far more than the devils own sharp tongue.

Wash said...

Ah, many thanks, lass, that's sweet of you, so it is.

Redheaded woman, is it? Probably shouldn't tell me that, lass, I ain't allowed to be flirting over here. Don't be making it harder on me!