Thursday, May 2, 2013

Personal Post: Missing Dog

My parent's dog went missing on Monday. Probably stolen. I just don't know. I've been roaming around the woods and roads all week.

Got this week's post about half written. I've been working on another reader request for you.  Last night got a tip the dog was at the shelter. Looked exactly like her. Picked up in same area.

Went down there this morning first thing. Not her.

See, this is why I no longer have a pet. I can't freaking do this. Not even my dog, but still...
I dunno. I'm gonna try to finish. It's kind of my big "screw you" to the world. But it's likely gonna be later on I get it done. I'm having a hard time concentrating right now. This morning really rattled me. I was holding it steady until this crap this morning. Sorry.

I have to go to the other shelter as soon as I get off here. Just came from one (I suspect what I smell that is so unpleasant is probably me). Nothing like the scent of piss, fear, and desperation to add to an already bad day.

Anyways, think good thoughts.

For my Columbia, SC area readers, please be on the lookout for a large female black lab, kind of overweight at 80 pounds or so. Greying muzzle. Answers to "Lily" (I swear that is a coincidence). Was last seen wearing a red collar with rabies tags. Very friendly. Went missing right at the intersection of Lower Richland Boulevard and Ridge Road. Offering 300 bucks for return, no questions asked.



Katrie said...

:( I'm so sorry she's still missing... I know I'd be an emotional wreck if my Fin (cat) or if my boyfriend's dog Tula went missing. I hope she finds her way home soon! Take your time--living fuzzies are more important than words on a page.

'gina said...

Still nothing. This week has been...unpleasant. Thanks for your kind words, Katrie. I appreciate them.