Saturday, June 1, 2013

Finally! Book's Up!

Howdy all!

Kindle version of book up and ready to go! The print version, which is a nice, robust brick of a book, will be available in a week (or sooner. As soon as Amazon sends word it's ready, I'll tell you.). It spans from Chapter 1 to Chapter 103. Both versions contain ten new pieces of  artwork by Melissa Zayas, as well as ten more that you've already seen by Diego Candia and Liezl Buenaventura. Some of the chapters have been reordered and shuffled around a bit to where they make more sense, and the Poker Game chapter is now the prologue.

Those of you who've already read it, be aware I fattened up chapter 1 just a little, so it's a bit longer than the original.

I know a lot of folks really dug Diego's cover, so I plan on making it available as a print soon. Don't worry, it's not getting shelved; I love that cover, too.

It's been a real battle getting this thing done, and honestly, I don't think it's really sunk in yet that we're finished with Book 1. It seemed like such a monumental task, and I suppose it was. But we finally did it and I can't tell you have relieved and happy I am to finally hit this goal.

When you set out to do something like this, you really have no idea of just how much you don't know. It's not easy. But we've learned so much, and now I feel confident that Book 2 will (hopefully) be a lot less painful.

I know I've said it before, but it bears repeating: I would not have come anywhere near being able to do this if it was not for your support. I absolutely mean that. I know myself. I would have found a million reasons to stop writing if not for you all. 

So thank you. Thank you for giving my words wings and a place to fly. Here's the first part of the book series you helped will into being. Enjoy it.



Katrie said...

Yay!! I like the new site!! I'll be checking up on everything else soon enough!! :D

Regina said...

Hi, Katrie! Glad you like the new look!

Quick note to a few of you that picked up advance copies of the Kindle while we were getting the release ready (and also before the updated version was ready to go the older version was still available).

I've contacted Amazon about making the updated version available to Kindle customers who already have FDM on their you'll be able to choose to update your version to the correct version soon. I'll let you know.

Regina said...

That won't cost anything, BTW.