Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ask Wash! Updated

Howdy, all,

Wash is back in the saddle, as it were. Someone asked him a question this week. He says he doesn't know the answer to it, but I made him give it a shot anyways. You can can see his attempt on the Ask Wash! Page.

I'm wondering if you all could do me a favor. A couple of you have asked if you could donate here...thank you for the offer, but what what I need way more than donations is a little nice word of mouth. That's what is really going to help me out here.

I noticed a couple days ago I'm getting some traffic from Web Fiction Guide. I opened an account there a million years ago, and every now and then see some traffic from there. This past week the traffic's increased. Not sure why. But what I have discovered is that due to the astronomical number of entries over there, it doesn't take much to boost an entry up in the ranks. FDM was on the top fifty yesterday. It's slipped off again today, but that showed me something about rankings, which is useful.

So I'm wondering if some of you would mind just going over there and voting for FDM? I don't think you have to be a member or log in to vote (I could be wrong). But it would be helpful to me if we could boost FDM up high enough to at least get noticed. The voting page is here.

If you DO have an account over there, maybe you could write me a review or a recommendation? I'd be in your debt.

Yes, I am working on some of the suggested stand alone stories. You all threw some good ideas my way.

Thanks for everything,


Katrie said...

Voted! And I also noticed that some of the top stories have picture banners. We need to get you a picture banner. :-) ::is not that creative with computer pics::

I've been lurking the past couple of weeks, but loving the updates!! :)

Regina said...

Hi, Katrie! Good to hear from you!

Thanks so much for the vote! And glad you're liking the updates. Not the usual fare, but it's made it a little easier for me to do other things that need doing regarding FDM. So I hope everyone is willing to bear with me for a bit.

I can do a banner, no problem, but stuff has to be submitted to that site instead of just going in a doing my account the way I want to, which makes it a little tough. I did contact the web guy (as is the protocol over there) last night to see if I could remedy this oversight (as well as fix the grammatical typo in the description) and I'm waiting to hear back from him.

Amy Simeister said...

I've not only voted, I've also posted about you and FDM on my Face Book page. :)

Regina said...

Oh, hey, Amy, thank you so much for that. That's what I really need, some good word of mouth.

You guys are holding me steady at the number five spot (appropriately enough.), which is amazing to me. I was shocked to discover that I was on the top fifty last week, so you can imagine how happy I am at this new development.

Thanks for spreading the word. It's huge that you're doing that. The more people that know about it, then hopefully the more folks will at least give it a try.

I really have the best readers. :-)))