Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Favorite Bug Nerd

Here is an adorable picture of Tommy (notice what's down there in the corner) by Angela Taratuta! This is from the cover of Book 2. Love this!

He looks so clean cut and virtuous, duddn't he?

I'm going to try to give you some writing this week, but not sure how that's gonna shake out. Migraine this week, probably a weather migraine, too, which is the worst kind. Feeling a little better right now, so I"ll try to get something else done if that holds.

This migraine horseshit sucks. I'm just saying.

I meant to throw this out there for you: Since I am fanficking myself for a bit, I'm open to requests. If there is a scene you wanted to see or didn't, drop me a comment or an email, and if it's something I can accommodate in a normal sized post, I'll write it.  (Obviously, I'm not going to give away important spoilers or anything, but I'm not averse to revealing other stuff. Or even unseen scenes or backstory or whatever else you are curious about.

Anyways, enjoy your week.



Anonymous said...

Any chance you could write some Fiona and Storm interaction from when they were first getting to know each other? Or something involving Uncle Chet or Saint's collection of siblings?

Regina said...

Yes, actually, that sounds like stuff that would be fun to write! All of these would be quite doable and fun, so they're on the to-do list. Thank you for the suggestions!

My sister put in a request last week for a scene(that was to be this week's post, but I've been unable to write this week, so that will hopefully be next week's post if my head doesn't completely explode between now and then. I blame the weather.), so that will be the next thing. Then I'll see what comes up first among these three. :-)))