Sunday, June 1, 2008


Artwork contributed by fans of FDM

Fiona by Eve

Lily By Ellie

Rosie by Ellie

Storm by Ellie

Storm by Gina

Storm by Amy M

Rosie by Amy M

Wash by Amy M


Page One of the Angela Taratuta Gallery

Book 2: Lynch's Boys - Coming early 2014

Character design sketch of Jesse

Character Design Sketch of Tommy
Character Design Sketch of Rosie
Character Design Sketch of Wash


Page Two of the Liezl Buenaventura Gallery

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Page One of the Liezl Buenaventura Gallery


Page Three of the Diego Candia Gallery

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Page Two of  the Diego Candia Gallery

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Page One of the Diego Candia Art Gallery

Art by Marina Gimenes Matiazi

Jesse Joe Hanson
Lights the Storm Peltier

Laura Hollingsworth Gallery

Lights the Storm Peltier
Still Water Woman

Captain Alexander Scarcliff
Jesse Joe Hanson

Lily McMillian


Luis Santana
Hellbender Hungerford

George Washington Monahan
Peter "Saint" Bari
Fiona Lewis-Smythe

Rosie Burgess


Lauren's Gallery