About FDM

So, yeah. Couple years ago, I decided to start writing. Well, no, that’s misleading. My whole life, I’ve always written. What I did a couple years ago is start writing as a regular discipline and creative outlet and posting it online as a public blog. Just to keep me motivated. I had a western genre historical-romantic-adventure sort of thing I wanted to write, and I didn’t want to be shoehorned into common formulas or whatever. I wanted to tell a fun story my way and at my own pace.

So I did. And then people started reading, and commenting, and this little community blossomed up around it, and it kind of became my thing.  And I did so much of it for so long I realized three things:

1. There’s so much stuff on this site it’s hard to navigate now.
2. I’m sitting on enough content and artwork for two big fat novels, and people are asking when it will be made into a book. .
3. I’ve got novel number three already blocked out and I’m itching get that underway. .

So I decided to turn them into books and make them available on Amazon. Both books are available here, for free, just like they’ve always been. Read them and enjoy them gratis, with my blessing, because I just rock that way. However, if you would like them in a less cumbersome, more portable format, and with fewer typos and clumsy grammar, and with the some of the more awkwardly placed chapters in a more sensible order, the current and future installments are and will be available on Amazon.

Is this a hell of way to write and sell books? I dunno. Maybe. Probably. We shall see. But what better way to see if The Five Dollar Mail is your thing? In any case, I feel pretty certain you’ll at least have a little fun over here.

If you do decide to go over to Amazon and grab your own print or electronic copy, please remember to still come back here periodically. We have more than just the story going on here. There are side stories and back stories and fanfic going on here, as well as movie or book reviews, spotlights on other artists and writers, and any other thing I think you all might enjoy. And, of course, the story does continue here in its early draft form for those of you who just can’t wait to find out what happens next. Last but not least, there are some awesome people who hang out here, people who frankly are the reason I was motivated enough to keep on writing this thing for so long.

As for those of you who are regulars here...thank you. Each and every one of you. You have no idea of what your support has meant to me.



Unknown said...

Loved the 5 Dollar Mail series. Would love to read more books like these. Thank you

'gina said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for reading! I am currently trying to finish up a couple of projects you might enjoy. I will definitely keep you posted!