Sunday, January 20, 2013

Reviews for Calliope's War

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Got a little favor to ask you. A fellow western writer, Vincent Capone, is in need of some folks to write him some reviews for his novel, Calliope's War: Three For Justice. I am wondering of some of you might be able to give him a look and write him a review. If you can help us out, either leave us a comment here or shoot me an email at paintedwheel AT and I'll put you in touch with him and we can go from there. 
Thanks so much for any help you can give us!
Calliope is a western trilogy following the story of U.S. Deputy Marshal Joe Calliope during the years of 1886-1887.  A thirty-two-year-old native of New York State, Calliope, with a past that he reveals to no one, comes west in 1880 to Kansas and becomes a lawman.  Over the next six years, he successfully buries memories he has no desire to relive.  In August of 1886, however, as a federal lawman, he is tasked to track a young outlaw charged with robbing a federal mail train.

Twenty-four-year-old Billy McKaller already has a record of theft and murder to his name as well as a reputation as one of the fastest guns west of the Mississippi River. Now the federal law is after him.  In September, he rides with his gang of men to Cochise County, the site of the infamous town of Tombstone, Arizona.  His hope is to settle into the vulnerable territory of Arizona, with its fragile law system, and establish a haven for himself and his followers.

It is here that Cochise County Undersheriff Wyatt Lareson and his deputy, Dewnan Kender, catch up to McKaller.  They are tasked with keeping a close eye on the young McKaller and be ready for trouble.  Lareson, a wizened and grizzled veteran of the Civil War, recruits the hot-headed and impetuous Kender to serve as his right-hand man.  Lareson’s wisdom and experience complement Kender’s youth, endurance, and incredibly quick hand to the gun.

Calliope, Lareson, and Kender meet in the tiny town of Contention City, where they confront McKaller and his gang.  In the coming months, McKaller and Calliope swell their ranks from the men across Cochise County and clash repeatedly in the Dragoon Mountains, in the mining hills west of Tombstone, and in the small outlying town of Westhill.  During these deadly months, Calliope is forced to face a past that is resurrecting before his eyes, in the faces of McKaller as well as Kender.  As the men under both Calliope and McKaller soon learn, their own survival may be a matter of whose past comes to light first: the enigmatic lawman's or the murderous young outlaw's.