Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cowboy Mountains

So, yeah. This is the view outside my hotel window right now. I'm in Las Vegas while my husband attends a Sharepoint convention.

I may get another chapter up this week, not sure yet. Depends on how the week goes. But in any event, you all will be subject to some grainy, crappy pictures off my cell phone because I forgot to bring the little doflatchie that you use to read picture cards from cameras.

I do have the camera, so I'll post some nicer pics when I get back.

Anyways, what about those cowboy mountains, eh? How cool is that? We don't have that kind of terrain back home. I've never seen anything like it. Flying over here was like flying over a moonscape.

Of course, the Grand Canyon was on the other side of the frigging plane, right? Keep your fingers crossed for the return home for me. I don't normally fly. I hate flying. HATE flying. I mean, trapped in a pressurized metal tube with a couple tons of highly flammable jet fuel strapped to your ass, hurtled through the sky by a guy that might not even be awake. Yeah. Sign me up for that.

But hey, how often do you get a chance to take this kinda vaycay for half the price, since we're only having to pay for me. And it's our 17th anniversary, so, I kinda had to agree to fly.

You know what? You can buy tequilla shots at the airport before breakfast, even! Seriously, you can get eggs, bacon, coffee, and shooters. You know what else? You have shooters for breakfast in an airport, nobody even blinks.

The husband says having shooters for breakfast is "One of the signs."

After my retort, he followed that up with "getting defensive about having shooters for breakfast is another one of the signs."

It doesn't count if you think you're going to die later that day.

Anyways, thanks for my parents, for taking care of my daughter while we're away, and thanks for John and Kaci for house-sitting! And especially, thank you, Jim, love of my life, for 17 wonderful years. And for showing me that waking up with cowboy boots under your bed is a surefire sign that it's going to be a good day.