Thursday, June 12, 2014

Luis Santana by Laura Hollingsworth

I have been working all week on the technical aspects of book three, so I am afraid I don't have an actual chapter for you this week. I am wrapping up all the story lines in book three, so it's imperative that I get the timing of the events in the story to happen on a tight schedule. That is harder than it might seem (particularly for me), and I've been obsessing over it all week, probably with smoke and the smell of overheated wiring pouring out of my ears. I didn't want to distract myself. I finished all that up today, so there will be a chapter next week. 

But I do have something to offer you this week that I hope you will enjoy as much as I have. Here is an adorable picture of everyone's favorite juvenile delinquent by the talented Laura Hollingsworth.

She did some things here I absolutely love. I love that he appears to be hiding something behind his back, and that he's barefoot. In my mind, this isn't a static picture, it's animated. I can see the movement of him clowning around and shifting on his feet.

¡Ay, caramba, Luis! You're going to be heartbreaker some day, young man.