The Green River Station Crew

Peter “Saint” Bari
Surly, coffee-swilling stagecoach driver of Mr. Lynch’s Pony Express and freight station. As the son of Italian immigrants from New Jersey, Saint is both exasperated and comforted by the new family he’s found among the crew at the mail station.

George Washington “Wash” Monahan
Transplanted to Green River from the slums of Manhattan, stagecoach guard Wash is the unlikely big brother of the crew and Saint’s trail partner. His upbeat humor and kind heart contrast sharply with his deadly skill with a gun.

Lily McMillian
Taking a job as a housekeeper and cook at her brother Jesse’s urging, Lily finds herself in the role of bewildered den mother to an unruly tribe of miscreants and rounders. The irony that she was hired by Mr. Lynch, who has a reputation for hiring troublemakers, is not lost on her.

Jesse Joe Hanson
Having grown up poor and orphaned on a farm with his beloved half-sister Lily, Jesse thinks he’s lucked into the best job in the world. He has a deep hankering for a steady paycheck and a lot of excitement, and his job as a Pony-Express rider supplies both.

Fiona Lewis-Smythe
It’s a long way from southern England to the western edge of the Nebraska Territory. The distance and worry of helping run her Uncle Erastus Lynch’s mail station is taking its toll on Fiona’s patience and her yearning for home... and if she stays in Green River much longer, she may have to redefine what home really is.

Lights the Storm “Storm” Peltier
A former Indian scout for the army, Storm jumped at the chance to work for Mr. Lynch as an interpreter when the stagecoach line was being outfitted for the Pony Express. Even with Fiona’s terrible cooking skills, life at the station is a whole lot better than it was at Fort Bridger.

Thomas “Tommy” Page
Quirky and bookish, Tommy’s idea of a good time is reading a field guide or a dime novel. So his unlikely friendship with career troublemaker Luis is probably one of the only things keeping Luis out of jail.

Luis Santana
Orphaned at a tender age and a long way from his native Mexico, Luis has had to struggle all of his short life just to stay alive. His luck and his odds of survival took a turn for the better when he answered an ad seeking riders for the Pony Express. There, he found family willing to stand by him for the first time in his life.

Jonathan “Hellbender” Hungerford
What an Australian farrier is doing all way on the other side of the world is anyone’s guess. But when a reliable shoulder or healing hand is needed, nobody’s all that inclined to ask too many questions.

Erastus Lynch
Everyone in town is afraid of Old Man Lynch, the station master at Green River. Some are afraid of his intense, scowling demeanor. Some are afraid of the pearl-handled Colt gleaming at his hip. But everyone, from his own riders right up to Sheriff Holt, knows that they probably don’t want to tangle with him.

Other Characters

Francis “Dev” Devereaux
Dev’s primitive, cobbled-together shack at the Church Buttes relay station smells like old bacon grease and dirty socks. But it’s a welcome sanctuary along the trail when the weary riders and coach drivers need some hot coffee and fresh horses.

Sheriff Victor Holt
Sheriff Holt has one goal. And that is to keep slightly better than half the people in the town of Green River happy and orderly. If he has to make slightly fewer than half the people in town unhappy to do it, so be it.

Deputy Blackie Shannon

If Sheriff Holt is the iron fist, soft-hearted Deputy Shannon is the velvet glove. Thoughtful and level-headed, he’s a good ally to have when things get ugly.

The most destructive force in the West wasn’t the cold or the heat or the dry of the desert. It was loneliness. And the
beautiful dove upstairs in the Silver Star Saloon is as lonely as the men who pay for her company.

Abigail Klaus
The owner of Abigail’s, the German restaurant in the town of Green River, doesn’t much care what people think of her headstrong manner and her permissiveness regarding her custom
ers. She’s the best cook in a hundred miles, and she knows it.

Rosemary “Rosie” Burgess
Like most of the girls at her school, Rosie lives for the rare glimpses she catches of “Lynch’s Boys” when they come into town for supplies. Shy and awkward, she’d never dream of speaking to any of them.

Still Water Woman
Returning with her twin brother and her little sister to her own Lakota village after the death of her husband, Still Water Woman struggles to end her mourning and learn to live again.

Runs Laughing
Compassionate and caring, Runs Laughing does not let the fact that she's a child stop her from helping those in need. Like her big sister Still Water Woman, she strives to heal what is it a body or a soul.

Eagle Bone
Eagle Bone is a fierce warrior, and he's not afraid of arrows and warclubs. But he's not sure he can withstand navigating the sharp edges of his widowed twin sister's broken heart.

Two Elk
Old Two Elk is a respected tribal elder, a brother and an advisor to Chief His Horses. His insight and skill at diplomacy is invaluable, but it's his gentle wisdom that makes him beloved.

Captain Alexander Scarcliff
Rank and responsibility has its price. Captain Scarcliff gets a bit more premature gray in his hair every time he has to choose between what is right and what is best. 

Doc Plunkett
The good Doctor thought he would be enjoying a quiet retirement in Green River. Then Erastus Lynch decided to run a Pony Express station out of his house.

Mrs. Plunkett
The schoolmarm has a soft spot for the crew at Mr. Lynch's station. And she really wishes that a few of them would spend more time in her classroom than they do in her husband's office.

Iris Sullivan
Between keeping the doctor's books, and tutoring Mrs. Plunkett's class in maths, Miss Sullivan does a good job of staying busy. But what such a genteel, educated woman is doing alone this far west is a mystery.

Dorcas Smith
In Manhattan’s Five Points slum, the place  to go for music and dance is Almack’s Dance Hall...and musicians like violin player Dorcas Smith make it so.

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