Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Want to See the Cover Art Y'all Helped Shape?

This will be the cover artwork of the book once we're done laying it out (which we're already underway with). The plan is to include the story (san bugs...and there are many), the artwork, an entirely new run of art I am saving as an exclusive by Melissa from Three of Swords, and a stand alone Saint and Wash story, complete with new illustrations by Diego.

I think you'll like it.

Once again, Diego is a total genius. As you can see. He really go far beyond expectations on this one. I mean, I have come to expect excellence from him, but I am always thrilled and blown away every time he does a new piece for me anyways.  I just love it. Thanks again, Diego!

I really like what  he did with Bender. I hope you all do, too. The suggestions everyone gave were great and very helpful, and I very much appreciate all the feedback you all came up with. I hope this reflects what you all are seeing. Because that is what I desperately crave to know, and I never really, truly will because I'm not you.

Writing isn't really complete until someone comes along and reads it. The reader's imagination is what gives the story it's breath of life. It's like making a kite...it's just sticks and paper until a wind comes along and picks it up and turns it into a living, flying thing.

Thank you for giving my story a place to fly.  


Monday, June 6, 2011

Plug For My Favorite Soapmaker

 I don't normally plug products on here, but in this particular case, I thought it was relevant to the subject matter here. So here it is. A rare product plug from Yours Truly.

Villianess.net makes amazing soaps and perfumes and whatnot. I discovered through their blog they had once made a scent a that was no longer available called "Quick Or Dead?"

Well, I had to try me some of that for the obvious reasons. So I expressed interest in wanting to get some.

I have no clue if my begging had anything to do with the return of the scent...probably not...but in any case, it's BACK! I just ordered some soap. If I like it, I'll order more. And since I have only found a single scent from this company (and I think I've managed to work my way through most of them) I didn't like, I suspect I'll like it A LOT.

They make another scent I always say is what Saint smells like. Well, Saint...and now my husband. Read the description of it...it will give you a chuckle. And it really does smell like that, too.

This stuff is all bold and unexpected and incredibly evocative. The effect of scents on the memory and mood is very powerful. Sometimes things you don't normally find in perfume are the most evocative of all.

Check it out!