Sunday, March 25, 2012

Updates, Progress, Musings, Questions....

Wash is taking the week off. He is currently helping me do some editing.

He's helping me do the editing by making runs to House of Pizza so I don't have to cook. I'm not THAT desperate. Little does he know he's probably going to get put on laundry duty this coming week.

I'm doing some re-writing, corrections, and cringing right now. Some of those early chapters I wrote... wow. Need work. All I can say to you is "Thank you for putting up some sloppy writing and reading anyways."

I can see where I have improved over time. Which is great. But like I said, I'm looking at some of this stuff with any eye for publishing it and some of it is less than stellar.

And it's huge. I wrote all that? Good Lord. So the current plan, after much research and deliberation, is to bust it in half. Which will keep the cost down. I can put two books out much more cheaply than I can put one huge big toe stubber out. And that will allow me to add what I want to add without making it even more unwieldy.

Anyways, I intend to hire an editor later down the line. However, in the meantime, I would also like to hire someone to go over my edits and re-writes before that. If anyone has the time and the inclination to help me out with this, contact me at gwmonahan at I can't pay a lot, but I can pay something, and also throw in some nice perks down the line such as free books and whatnot. The plan is to do my re-writes and when I have something to work with, send that to my proofers for a look-over. A friend of mine put out a book called Weird Adventures, and he got a lot of readers to look it over beforehand, and it worked out well for him.

And also, for the readers in general, I would very much appreciate anyone who happens to be re-reading anything (or if they're reading for the first time, even) to please put down anything they think needs looking at in the comments. That means anything from typos, badly constructed phrases, screw ups in continuity, and straight up stuff that rubs you wrong for whatever reason. And there's plenty of it. Nobody's going to hurt my feelings, believe me. I was fragile, I wouldn't be throwing this stuff out on the internet every week. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.