Character Description for Artwork: Jesse

Jesse was as tall as Galloway, but had nowhere near the bulk.

“Jesse’s blond, and she’s his sister, you know. I bet she has hair like his. Only clean.”

“Man trades four has an ace at the door.” Jesse muttered in his twangy Nebraska drawl as he deftly dealt out four more cards to the Mexican youth. The peppermint stick shifted to the other side of his mouth.

His blue eyes had lit up with mirth and the long spill of his cornsilk hair gleamed in the lamplight as he became animated with the fun of the tale.

Lily threw her arms around the lanky young man’s shoulders, pulling him downwards and releasing a cloud of brown dust from his clothing. The red fabric of her brother's shirt was dingy with the stuff......Jesse hugged her hard, pulling her up onto the tips of her toes as he straightened up. “Well.” he replied sheepishly in his honeyed drawl. “I sent back as soon as I got there. I would normally have stayed a bit to rest up.” He swept dirty hands back over his shoulder-length strands of equally dirty yellow hair. “Gosh, Lily, I’m gettin’ ya all dirty...”

Jesse turned burning eyes on her, his sweet face uncharacteristically dark with anger.....Lily could recognize her brother's anger when it was starting to consume him. Anyone could, really. Her brother's boyish face was an open book, his delicate, expressive features showing plainly every emotion that touched them.

I read these bits and it kind of makes Jesse look like he is a dirty person, or that he's unkempt. He's not. He just has a dirty, dusty job. They all get this dirty when they are working.

Jesse is in his early 20's. He is tall and long-limbed, with broad shoulders and a slender build. He is a lean, hard working farm boy. He's got a beautiful angel's face, with delicate, sculptured features and a toothy smile. Lily's always sort of thought it wasn't really fair that her brother's prettier than she is.   He's got light, sunshine-blond hair, very straight, and chopped off blunt at his shoulders. Sometimes he wears it in a loose braid when he's working, but being fine and silky, his hair slides out in record time and turns quickly into a tousled mess (much like his sister's.)

He's given up smoking, and now chews on peppermint sticks to ease his cravings. You may include one or not, at your whim. He's usually got one tucked into the corner of his mouth, like a toothpick.

He favors buckskins, or just plain workshirts and jeans with regular, plain boots. He's not a fancy or particularly dapper person; he is a working guy and likes working clothes.  

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