Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Guest Post by Ellie: Dancer

Much to my amazed delight, there has been some interest in readers wanting to contribute their own take on the Five Dollar Mail. I am happy (read: ecstatic)to read other people's interpretations, and share them with you all. I think it's cool as hell, and ever since Bill wrote that guest post Texas Draw, I've been sort of wishing to get some more guest posts. I am of a mind that stories are best shared.

And it blows my mind that someone wants to share back some part of my story with me. Here we have a guest post by Ellie, who is a student.

Thanks, Ellie. You really have made me smile. Hope to hear more from you.


A young teenager no more then seventeen walked into the Green River Station as Lynch and Bender were talking about the mail. Bender stopped talking and turned to look at the boy. He was small, about five one and had bleach blond hair and coal-gray, sparkling eyes. His skin, however, was a dark tan and he wore tattered roper jeans, a soft dirty white shirt. A cowboy hat was seen around his neck. Lynch as well took in the boys looks.

"Can I send some mail for you?" Lynch asked the book shook his head.

"No, I would like to send it," he answered smiling broadly. "I would like to make myself of service to you," he added.

"Well, what is your name, boy?" Lynch asked.

"Horse Dancer Cuyler," the boy answered. "Dancer is good, though." he added.

"Dancer... are you Indian?" Bender asked, cutting in.

"Half, my father is an Indian and my mother is German. I grew up with her, though, my father left us. But hey, I am not here for my life story. I want to be a rider,"

"A rider? Can you ride is the question?" Lynch asked. Dancer rolled his gray eyes and laughed.

"My name is Horse Dancer for a reason, I don't just have a nice name," Dancer answered. "I can ride, I am willing to risk death daily, and I am orphan," he added.

"So why do this job?" Bender asked.

"Because I want to do something exciting," Dancer answered back.

"You have some spirit, boy." Lynch responded chuckling. "So, if you got the job, you'd move into the bunkhouse, right?" he asked.

"Well..." Dancer grew a bit silent. "I don't really have anywhere else to go... but..." Dancer paused and smiled again. "I would love to. I can meet all the boys that way!" Dancer added. "But why don't you test me out first? Send me on a run," he insisted.

"Well..." Lynch thought. "I could, Jesse is out on one. I had one for Luis, but I could give it to you, there aren't any army documents in it... Bender what do you think?"

"Not me who's hiring," Bender answered.

"I can take it, no problem, I studied the routes before I came here, I even rode them some. I can do it!" Dancer smiled. Lynch nodded.

"Okay, Bender, saddle him up," Lynch smiled. Dancer jumped in the air whooping and yelling in victory.

"Ja!" he yelled in German.

"Oh, another thing, no cussing, no drinking, and no fighting," Lynch added. Dancer nodded.

"No problem, boss," Dancer smiled. "I can promise to that!"

After a while Dancer was off with the mochila and Lynch turned to Bender.

"What do you think of the boy?" he asked. Bender shrugged.

"Arrogant, and something mysterious about him, but other then that I'd say he's a fine rider," Bender answered. I bet he'll raise hell with the boys back at the bunkhouse.

© 2009 Ellie S. and The Five Dollar Mail


Evelyn said...

A little rivalry between Lius and Dancer then? :] He seems like the sort who wouldn't hesitate to push the boundries a little. ;p
~Eve >.>

'gina said...

I know, I was thinking the same thing!


Ellie said...

Yeah, Dancer has no problem with pushing the limits, but wait until you see what I do with him! :P

Megan Durham said...

Hi Regina,

I found your website on an ad while I was wandering around and then proceeded to read straight through the archive! You have a wonderfully catchy story with great characters and my only regret is that now I have to wait a week for the next chapter. Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to reading more!


'gina said...

Thank you, Megan, I appreciate you reading my story and taking the time to comment.

Glad you like my crew, they have quite a few adventures in store for them. Hope you continue to read along. :-)